About Us

Making an Impact on Quality of Life

Winnebago Landfill Company started out as Pagel’s Landfill in 1972. Since then, we have grown into one of the most respected and privately owned solid waste companies in the Midwest. We have safely and responsibly provided solid waste disposal and recycling services at our location in southern Winnebago County and our IEPA compliance record is exemplary.

As a result of the continued growth within our core service areas, we have dedicated ourselves to expanding our services. Yet we have never deviated from our core beliefs: integrating our Rock River Environmental Services philosophy of safety and quality, implementing the safest operational processes, and actively exploring new cutting-edge energy sources.

Our commitment to making a positive difference in our service areas through adherence to the highest ethical and safety standards, combined with our desire to give back to the communities we serve, is the foundation of all we do.


Embracing the Challenges of the Future

Winnebago Landfill Company is committed to utilizing the very best people and technology to provide a responsible solution for today and future generations. We believe that safe disposal of our solid waste is an essential part of making our communities clean, enjoyable and well-managed.

With each new business added to our family of companies, conscientious service and safety are at the forefront of our business philosophy. We have an exemplary compliance record with the IEPA, a result of dedicated and trustworthy people who are totally committed to elevating the standards in safe work practices.

We welcome the challenge of continually leading the way into the future by continuing to hire talented people and aggressively seeking the latest sustainable technologies, such as landfill gas-to-energy.

With close to 30 employees and counting, Winnebago Landfill Company offers employees a future filled with opportunities, challenges and rewards. We are a local, privately owned company that is highly connected to the community, and we strive to provide a workplace where everyone can reach his or her highest potential.

We believe that our employees are key to our success. As a result, we consistently seek men and women who are as dedicated as we are to responsible, sustainable, and safety-oriented waste and recycling services. Our employees thrive in an atmosphere that encourages service, responsibility, and professional development.


Years of Safe Waste Disposal

In the early 1970s, Rockford’s municipal “dump” at People’s Avenue had run out of space. The facility’s closure presented the City with a crisis because it had nowhere to put its garbage. As a result, in 1972, Pagel’s Landfill, operated by Winnebago Reclamation, opened for business.

In the late 1980s, history began to repeat itself as Pagel’s Landfill reached a saturation point. The City of Rockford planned to site and operate its own landfill so Winnebago Reclamation proceeded with plans to close Pagel’s Landfill in accordance with current regulations. After years of deliberation, however, the City was unable to obtain local site approval for a new landfill.

In 1990, Winnebago Reclamation Service received local site approval to expand as part of Winnebago County’s solid waste plan for the future. After a detailed technical review, the IEPA permitted the Landfill’s operation as one of the first modern, Subtitle D landfills in the state.

In 2005, Pagel’s Landfill was renamed the Winnebago Landfill and Recycling Facility to more accurately reflect the operations performed at the site. After many years of providing a safe and integrated solid waste operation to area communities, Winnebago Reclamation has gone through the planning and approval process to expand the existing operation. This allows Winnebago Landfill Company to continue to deliver an essential public service to our local communities for many years.

Our Strength

Service, Safety, Proximity

At Winnebago Landfill Company, our strength is derived from our service, our safety orientation and our proximity. Our privately owned company is local, responsible, approachable, and dedicated to attentiveness and one-on-one communication.

Our network of companies with several disposal locations enables us to meet just about any disposal need that arises for our customers and the communities we serve. We offer a team of dedicated safety-conscious employees who work each day to provide the most positive experience for our customers.


Part of Our Community Infrastructure

The Winnebago Landfill Company gives back to its surrounding areas by contributing over $1 million annually to youth, environmental, cultural and economic programs.

We’re totally committed to many local charities and we’re an active participant in numerous special events. In addition, we have speakers who regularly talk to school groups around the county about the solid waste industry and recycling.

Our employees are encouraged to participate in the community by serving on non-profit boards and committees. Many of our employees also serve on local school boards and church councils; they are soccer coaches, tutors and volunteers. We have thoroughly committed to being a good and responsible corporate citizen.


Statement of Qualifications

Winnebago Landfill Company has been providing safe and responsible solid waste disposal for over 35 years. Beginning with a single landfill, our company has steadily grown through the addition of a second landfill, two transfer stations, and a composting facility. Our goal is to provide an enduring partnership to the people, businesses, and communities that comprise our service area.

Winnebago Landfill Company offers a workforce that consists of several State of Illinois Certified Landfill Operators to ensure that our landfills are compliant with the latest regulations. And, since safety is a central part of our culture, we also are comprised of OSHA certified personnel and a staff that is continually trained in the most effective safety processes.

Our company has successfully negotiated landfill expansions and transfer station sitings by demonstrating our ability to not only fulfill, but exceed, the services that are demanded of us. We will continue to set new standards in expertise and professionalism as we move into the future.

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